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Liberty Deceit is a 2 person d.i.y. punk band collaborating through music to express their hate towards the disgraceful & shameless authoritarians of our human race.
With a passion to expose some truth & injustice to a blindly led world, we are currently in the process of recording a 6 song E.P. to be released sometime in 2012.

Liberty Deceit will be featured in the international punk compilation 'Emergency Attack' due out Dec 2011 from Varken Records!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Saturday, August 13, 2011

New Atomic Pollution song "Circled A's" Out Now on ...

UR Anti Apathy Comp - Fuck Profits & Fuck Sheeple (2011)
As usual DIY has been shit on from a great height by sell outs as is evident with some crust/grind bands selling out and supporting the more corporate orientated aspects within the extreme metal underground. It seems money and the rock star life style is too much of a pull for some. Its irritating when these people claim to be DIY, but it is obvious by their actions that they are driven by money and rock star egos.

  The level of apathy from some punks regarding the DIY community is as bad as the mainstream's apathy towards world affairs. They are only interested in famous crust/grind/punk bands & don't care about DIY, which is actually the real scene. Help and support ya fellow DIY or the scene will just be dictated by external influences and over rated famous bands.

  Therefore, this comp was created as a protest against the many forms of  apathy including pathetic sheeple that cannot recognise or take one precious minute out of their lives to stop & think.

Punk isn't about having the best generic uniform or having the best hair & tattoos.

DIY. Peace.

  Feel free to share & post this comp, but please no bullshit corp supporting sites

  1. power is poison - media hype (0:40)
          2. E.A.T.E.R. - Go Inside (2:39)
          3. Hanker Hoax Haphazard - Your hardcore sales (1:37)
          5. Agamenon Project - Live in hell (0:52)
          6. Assault - Defy & Deny (2:43)
          7. KORRUPT - HELL IS THOU (1:26)
          8. Valdsamt Motstand - Vardag (2:13)
          9. Get In The Ring - Cukur Berewokmu Dulu Baru Revolusi (0:27)
          10. todie - diperalat oleh kepalsuan (0:16)
          11. RUGGINE HC - Il Senso Della Vita (2:29)
          12. 40oz Folklore - They Don't Get It (1:35)
          13. PowerBall - No escape no surrender (1:51)
          14. Milisi Kecoa - Milisi Kecoa (1:36)
          15. Laknat - Mannequin's Movement (0:52)
          16. Hatröss - Will you still conform (1:30)
          17. Lactovaginal - Serdel-Kaida (2:10)
          18. terrorismo? - pedalando contra máquina (1:52)
          19. INFLUX - Another Slavery (1:52)
          20. dissensiön - la lucha es contra el sistema (1:32)
          21. Atomic Pollution - Circled A's (3:13)
          22. PLAKKAGGIO HARDCORE - Padroni Delle Strade (2:28)
          23. Unhappy Birthday - Государство прекрасно (2:05)
          24. Agamenon Project - Torture And Kill (1:00)
          25. Al-Thawra - Psalm of the Sniper (live at Empty Bottle 05-18-11) (6:03)
          26. Klazet - Больница (3:06)
          27. TERRORISMO? - DEMÔNIO (1:03)
          28. BARREN WASTE - SELF EXAMINATION (1:56)
          29. Beda - ÏÎǨР(1:41)
          30. Kontra - Make Love Not War (2:17)
          31. Death of President - Sarat Kritik Kosong Esensi (1:12)
          32. Porraloka - Nem Tudo Se Compra, Nem Tudo Se Vende (Entende) (0:14)

Atomic Pollution - "Bastard Polluter" (2010) Art work + flyer

downloads available in section on top of the page .

Atomic Pollution - "Anarchy and peace" (EP) (2010) Art work + flyer

downloads available in section on top of the page .

Atomic Pollution - "Lady Justice" (2009) Art work + flyer

downloads available in section on top of the page .

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

STOP NWO - inform yourself and take steps to thwart their agenda!

Download our NWO "you are a debt slave to the New World Order" pamphlets here :
Includes  JPG's and  print ready PDF's with 4 pamplets on a page, 
good for recto verso printing on A4 format.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Boycott all banks, we don’t need them!

If the we “the people” remove all our money from  all banking institutions, we will send a clear message and give the elite a taste of their own medicine “fear”, that what we experience every day when we aren't able to pay for our rent, food, medication, utilities, student loans, etc.

We should not have one dime in that system. Every euro we put in the banking system gives them the ability to misuse our money to do business with for their own gain, while you can maintain an account for monthly payments which is more profit for them, you can keep an account as it is mandatory to have one nowadays but just keep its balance at almost zero. Pay your bills and take out the rest.

Also know that if all the people would withdraw all their money from their bank accounts on the same day that they would not be able to pay all of us???

One of the key reasons banks exist and why we are in the mess we are in, is because people are not looking at the system to reform it, they are looking for ways to move higher up the food chain themselves.  And this attitude does not only guarantee continued enslavement, it makes us accomplices.

You don’t need a bank to keep your money. The whole idea is insane! Nowhere is your money more prone to abuse and risk than in a bank.

Pay cash only. Don't support their cashless society. Use your bank card only to withdraw your money from the bank. Don’t use bank cards, credit cards etc. to do your purchases. Do not give them the power to control / manage your money; do not give them the ability to spy on you!

Boycott all banks, we don’t need them!

Download our "Boycott All Banks (Euro/ Dollar)" pamphlets here :
Includes  JPG's and  print ready PDF's with 4 pamplets on a page, 
good for recto verso printing on A4 format.
Boycott All Banks EURO  

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Does your boss work less than you but take home a bigger paycheck? Is somebody zipping around in a private jet at your expense? If the corporation is making money at the end of the day, that means they’re not paying you the full value of your labor – that’s where corporate profit comes from! So if you need something in your workplace, take it. You earned it!

Chances are you already steal from your work – if not physical items, at least time on the clock. Good for you! But don’t stop there – think of how much more you could take, how much more you deserve.


As most employees know, every day can be Steal Something From Work day. But we can’t encourage people to go steal from their workplaces all the time – for all we know, that would be illegal. The best we can do is ask people to limit their workplace theft to one day a year!

If there was ever a good day to Steal Something From Work, it has to be April 15, Tax Day. For the government, every April 15 is Steal Something From Work Day. They take your hard-earned money and dump it right into some oil war or sweetheart deal – yet another way the corporations are making out at your expense.

Monday, June 13, 2011

June 8th - Abolish CCTV

  "8th June is the anniversary of the publication of George Orwell's novel '1984'. The date is marked anually by actions against surveillance, by groups from around the world. But you don't need to be part of an organised group to take part, just do something yourself - be creative!"

Download our "Abolish CCTV" pamphlets here :
Includes  JPG's and  print ready PDF's with 4 pamplets on a page, 
good for recto verso printing on A4 format.